I am 21 years old and I am in my fourth year at the University of Regina. Being a teacher was something I’ve always dreamed of being and now my dream is coming true. I am in the Secondary Education Program with a major in Mathematics and a minor in French. I have always been good at math, but in grade 10 one of my math teachers told me I would make a great math teacher, and that is when I began to love math. I’ve been in French Immersion from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and I graduated from high school with a bilingual diploma.

I’m originally from North Battleford, Sk, but I moved to Regina to pursue my education. Being 4 hours away from home is tough, and it is a very long drive, but whenever I get to see my family we make the best of it!

I recently completed my internship experience at a high school in the small town of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. This experience was eye opening, and view on teaching has drastically changed. I never realized how much work teachers put in to their jobs until I was in that position. Internship was the hardest four months of my life by far; however, I have learned so much from it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

During the summers I am a lifeguard at an outdoor pool in the small town of Radisson. I’ve been lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons there for the past 4 years, and hopefully for a few more years to come. I taught swimming lessons to all age group such as; parent and tot, preschool, and swim kids levels 1-10. I learnt so much from working as a lifeguard that relates to teaching and management. Lifeguarding has helped me expand my knowledge of teaching and has definitely gotten me more prepared for teaching students in a classroom.

BLFF 053               BLFF 131

The photo on the left is of my Preschool Level: Salamander/ Sunfish & the photo on the right is of my Swim Kids Level 10.







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