When I first started EDTC 400 I said “the end of my university education is near”, but now I can say “the end of my university education is actually here”! How crazy is that! 4 years of education has gone by so fast, and I have learned so much. Although I had a heavy course load this semester with taking 6 courses, I was still able to pull through.

During EDTC 400 we were given the task of mentoring four EDTC 300 students throughout the semester. This consisted of commenting on their blog posts, and communicating with them via Twitter. At first, I loved the idea of mentoring because when I was in ECMP 355, I wished more people would comment on my blogs and tell me what I should work on. However, as the semester went on my course load started getting heavier and heavier and I couldn’t keep up with the commenting. My goal was to comment on two blog posts a week, and I think there was only two weeks that I missed, but I tried to make them up by commenting on 3 blog posts a week at other times. Although mentoring was something that I really looked forward to in this class, it started to become such a hassle to keep up with.

Throughout this mentoring experience I have learned that teaching an online course has many benefits, but also some downfalls. As I mentioned before, I started to fall behind with commenting, and I think another reason for that was because it wasn’t a hand-in type of assignment. I feel like as a teacher, if I had to comment on each of my students blog posts or something of this nature, it would be something I put off doing until the very last minute because I have the mindset of “it’s through technology, so I can do it whenever I have free time”. However, if I kept putting it off until I had free time, I would never do it, because I never have free time. I have learned that whether you are teaching an online class, or a class in an actual classroom, it’s important to keep up with each assignment and to not put things off. I got extremely busy for a couple weeks this semester and I put the commenting off because I was focusing on the stuff I thought was “more important”, but in reality, it’s all important and you just need to power through it.

During this mentoring time, I have also learned so much about my four mentees. They were all so passionate when writing their blog posts, it was incredible. Each one of these girls has taught me something. Below I am going to share a comment I made on each of their blog posts so you can see just how passionate they were in their posts.

mentee 1

For Amy’s learning project, she wanted to learn how to speak the language Afrikaans. I was so impressed by how much she learned. She even met a student who spoke that language, and her story with that student really touched me. The link to this blog post is here.

mentee 2.PNG

Laura’s blog posts were so informative and contained so much detail about each technological tool she came across. She raised many important points in her blog posts, and constantly got me questioning where I stand with technology. The link to this blog post is here.

mentee 3.PNG

Lisa’s blog posts were full of information and always discussed how you could include technology in the classroom. Specifically, this blog post discussed how the teacher, the student, and the parents can all use technology to help bridge the communication gap. The link to this blog post is here.

mentee 4

Kaitlyn’s blog posts always discussed how much she values technology, but also how new some of the tools are to her. She always finds positives in the technological tools she discusses which is always great to here and she always provides ways she would include these tools in her classroom. The link to this blog post is here.

If you want a complete list of all the peer mentoring I have done throughout the semester, click here. It also includes the interactions I made with my mentees on Twitter!