Technology is something that I use every single day, but I never really noticed the negative effects it has on people. This weeks debate really helped me understand the negative effects of technology, but as well, how we can use technology to keep us healthy. This weeks debate topic was:

Technology is making our kids unhealthy: Agree or Disagree?

When we first had to choose which side we were on, I chose the agree side because I noticed that ever since I have begun using technology, I have gotten less healthy. When thinking of this debate topic, I decided to reflect on my own experiences with technology, and those experiences of my family. I got my first laptop when I was in grade 11 and coincidentally, I got my first pair glasses in grade 11 a few months after getting the laptop. I noticed that my eye sight got a lot worse after I got my laptop. Another thing I noticed is that I never get enough sleep anymore since I am always on my laptop or on my cellphone. According to an article, “Fifty years ago, the average adult got eight and a half hours of sleep; now we average less than seven hours a night”. This shows that now with technology at our fingertips, we aren’t getting the right amount of sleep at night, which in turn is making us more unhealthy.

In another article, it mentions that “The research determined that the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed.” This statement absolutely shocked me because I didn’t think technology has gotten that bad that it causes people to become depressed; however, I guess I was oblivious to the fact that this is actually happening. After reading the article and seeing that one of the reasons that causes this depression was from viewing the “highly idealized representations of peers on social media [which] elicits feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier, more successful lives”, I realized that I have felt this way before too. I noticed that sometimes after I see a post of a friend going on a trip, or having a BBQ with a bunch of people, I get upset because I don’t have the time in my life to do those things. Now that I have read more on this topic, I can definitely see how technology has caused many people to become depressed.

In an article that Jordyn recommended we read, it states, “Technology is so addicting that individuals are neglecting their families to spend more time with their blackberry’s and laptops.” I hate to admit that this is what our society has come to, but it is true. There are tons of people out there who ignore their family and friends just so they can be on social media. I am guilty of being on my phone when someone talks to me and I either ignore them or give them a little “uh-huh” without fully listening to them. Another thing I have noticed is that my nephew who is 3 years old has become fairly attached to the iPad. He would still much rather play hockey or go outside, but if we are ever sitting in the house doing nothing, he will go straight for the iPad to play games instead of playing with his toys.

Rebecca listed an article that shares many technological apps that kids can download on their iPad that will get them more active in their life. This is something I will definitely try to implement when I am with my nephew, because since he likes his iPad so much, maybe I can get him to use an interactive app that will get him up and moving instead of just sitting there. Whenever I go home to visit my nephew I always try to be as active with him as possible because I want him to see that health and being active is important. Using the interactive apps that Rebecca listed will definitely help me show my nephew that being active is important.

To conclude, I still think that technology is making our kids unhealthy; however, I think that we can also use this technology in an interactive way to help us become more healthy. There are so many workout apps, and YouTube videos out there, so we might as well take advantage of that and use the technology to help keep us healthy and active, instead of making us unhealthy.