“At first I kept longing for someone to just show me what inquiry was.” (p. 454) – Brea

I open with this quote from the article, as this is what I continue to ask as I move along my educational journey; however, as I think of it more and more, I am being shown what inquiry is as I am being taught through it in this course. I am not only being shown what inquiry is, but I am living it as well. We take part in many inquiry processes throughout this course, such as reflecting (blog posts), creating (PSE and TMTI), and participating as students (labs). I noticed that because we are being taught through inquiry I enjoy this course much more, and as Brea shared, “The more we enter into a topic, the more exciting it becomes, it all seems new to me again, it is exciting and alive” (p. 450). When we began the PSE part 2 assignment, I was beyond excited because it was something different and it was something I never experienced before. I have created rubrics before; however, I have never created them for this purpose- which got me intrigued. During the labs we are “in an inquiry-based mathematics classroom, [and we, as the] students take on the role of, and learn how to be, mathematicians” (p.448). This is beneficial because I not only get to experience what it is like to teach through inquiry, but I can see what my students would be experiencing in this type of mathematics classroom.  

The ideas in this article affirm my mathematical beliefs about teaching and learning. Specifically, two of my mathematical beliefs, math is everywhere and all students can learn, directly relate to Brea’s change when “her thinking shifted to a humanistic perspective of mathematics as a living disciple and an inquiry perspective of teaching and learning in which learner-focusedness was central” (p. 456). My mathematical beliefs are highly present throughout this article and I believe the inquiry approach plays an important role in learning mathematics; however, there are still several things I need to learn and many steps I need to take before completely emerging myself into the inquiry process.