Writing Prompt: For this week, the writing prompt is organized as a before and after doing the reading. 

  • Before: How do you think that school curricula are developed?
  • After: How are school curricula developed and implemented? What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum? Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you?



 I think school curriculum is developed in two ways. One, being a focus on the subject and what needs to be taught, and two, being a focus on the student and how they would learn. I think there has to be a focus on the subject, because that is what is being taught and what students need to know to ‘move on’ to the next course. In all subjects, there are specific topics that need to be taught in order for the students to complete the class. The curriculum has to include these topics, however it also has to include how the students will learn and understand these topics. Students learn in many ways, so I believe the curriculum should include multiple ways in which the student could go about learning and understanding the topic. For example, if the student is supposed to be learning the topic through research, through solving questions, through making connections to self and others, or even through creating their own ideas.


This reading provides me with a different view on curriculum. I was surprised to see that curriculum is developed by public policy and politics. The article discusses the politics involving the overall shape of the curricula and the content in particular subjects of the curricula. It also talks about other curricula that are new and are to be implemented into the schools, such as financial literacy and drug education.

I learned that when developing curriculum there are many people involved, ranging from government officials to teachers; however it is hard to please each individual since they all have different thoughts and insights in regards to curricula. I think it is important to have diverse ideas in regards to developing curricula, however I believe that teachers and educators should have a greater say in how the curriculum is developed since they are the ones who will be teaching it. In the end, it is the school and the teachers who are to implement the curriculum, and they are to implement it the best way that they see fit for their students.