Writing PromptFind a quote about education (probably from a theorist) that connects with your philosophy. In a post, unpack that quote. Think about what it makes possible/impossible in education. What does the quote say about the teacher, about the student? How is it related to your own philosophical understanding of curriculum and of school?

As future educators, it is important to realize that we are the face of education. The traditional teaching approach, is an approach still being used to this day, but recently it has been challenged by many educators. These educators want to see the passion, and engagement in their students while learning. These educators want to see their students critically thinking and gaining a deeper understanding of the concept. These educators are putting the student first and the content second. These educators are teaching through approaches that have rarely been implemented before. These educators are whom I admire.

“We as educators need to reconsider our roles in students’ lives, to think of ourselves as connectors first and content experts second.” – Will Richardson

If we, as future educators, start changing the way we teach and the way we think of education, we could make a big difference in our students’ lives. When we teach through inquiry or problem-solving, we are putting our students first. We are letting them build their own ideas around the concept and making connections in ways that they will understand. As a future educator, I am leading my students in the right direction, and I am taking on the role of a facilitator as opposed to a manager.

As a future educator, I see myself as an ongoing learner, as opposed to a ‘content expert’. I will be learning from my students when they bring forth ideas and concepts that I haven’t seen before. I will be learning from my students when they share their thought processes with me. I will be learning from my students when they solve mathematical questions differently than the way I do. I will be constantly learning from my students, and I think that is something that all educators should be doing.