Since Ecmp 355 was an online class, I wasn’t able to interact with my classmates in a face-to-face manner, but luckily I was able to interact with them through WordPressTwitter, and Google +. Having these three platforms made it a lot easier for me to ask questions, give advice, share my thoughts, and praise my classmates work. Even though I will only be sharing a couple examples on this blog post, you can see my complete interaction log here.

WordPress- I used WordPress to comment on my classmates blogs as well as to answer questions/comments on my blog.

Twitter- I used Twitter to interact with my classmates, share classroom related tools, take part in Twitter Chats, and to interact with other educators outside of Ecmp 355.

Google Plus – I used the Google Plus Community to ask questions relating to my knitting project, and to give advice/share my thoughts on my classmates posts.


At the beginning of the semester I was hesitant to use technology to interact with others, but now I feel a lot more comfortable using technology to interact with, not only my peers, but with other educators as well.

Again, I create an Interaction Log of all the interactions I have made with my classmates during this course.