Since I only have Internet, and I don’t have tv channels, I decided to create my summary of learning based on the thing I use almost every day – Netflix. In the video, you will see me choosing some ‘shows’ to watch based on the photo below.


I remade, well my tech savvy boyfriend remade, the Netflix page and added the photos of what I learned through Ecmp 355. All photos used in the photo above were found through Compfight in the Creative Commons on Flickr. 

I would just like to quickly explain this photo, since it goes by pretty quick in the video.

  • Already Known
    • as you can see, the already known category is some of the things that I knew prior to Ecmp 355. I may not have known how to use them perfectly, but I knew what they were.
    • Kahoot, Scratch, Google Drive, Cyberbullying, Hola Better Internet, Socrative
  • Continue Watching for Shantel Amson
    • the continue watching category is the category that I go through during the video. I have a short clip explaining the importance of each one of those’shows’.
    • Twitter, WordPress, Google, YouTube, Classroom Tools, Feedly
  • Recently Learned
    • the recently learned category is some of the things that I learned throughout Ecmp 355. Obviously I learned so much more, but I couldn’t fit them all into that small area.
    • Zoom, Storybird, Pocket, Knitting, Flickr, Duolingo

Without further ado, here is my summary of learning!