Carol Todd is such an inspirational and strong woman. When she spoke of Amanda’s death, there was no sign of struggle. She held together and proved that a positive outcome can come from a horrible experience. What she did was turned a devastating situation into an educational experience.

Amanda’s death changed the way I view technology. As we all know, children seek attention, and when they aren’t getting attention, they seek it from somewhere else. In today’s society, that other place is the internet. Celina Risling wrote a great post on how children these days are seeking attention from people on the internet. What I would like to add is that these children don’t know the dangers of internet, and they don’t know that it isn’t always safe. There are trolls, cyber bullies, predators, and in Amanda’s case, cappers. We can’t just expect our children, our students, to understand the dangers of the internet; we have to educate them on how to be safe using it! As Carol said, “We make sure playgrounds are safe, so why don’t we check the digital playground”.

Carol also spoke to us about an internet troll she encountered, who made hurtful remarks towards Carol. I admire how positive Carol was during this situation and how by her kind words, she was able to get the ‘troll’ to join the Amanda Todd Legacy. The Amanda Todd Legacy was created to raise awareness of bullying and cyber abuse while focusing on the well-being of individuals.

Carol is determined to raise awareness of the dangers the internet can cause, and she is determined to promote internet safety. I admire the strength and courage she has to speak up and tell the world her story and the story of her daughter.

“We are all snowflakes in the world. Individually we can melt away but together we form a snowball: strong and forceful”. – Carol Todd