So as you all know, I am knitting a toque for my second knitting project. To be honest, it’s taking a lot longer than expected! Unfortunately, I’m not going to post a picture of it since it pretty much looks the same as before. Even though I have continued to knit, it takes me an entire hour to do one row, and after not being able to see any results, I decided to quit. I go back to it every couple days and knit another row, but it just takes way too long!

I decided to take a break from knitting this toque. I’m going to start an arm knitting project to make an infinity scarf, since that isn’t supposed to take forever! I was watching some YouTube videos on arm knitting and it seems fairly simple, and I’ll be able to finish an entire scarf while watching 1 episode of Grey’s! How perfect is that! One of the videos I watched explained each step and made it look simple. There was also someone talking during this video which is different than what I usually watch. I’m pretty sure the guidance from the voice will help me when I begin to arm knit. The video is below.

Since you are working with both arms during arm knitting, I didn’t even think to search for a left handed video. I believe that my knowledge of knitting that I’ve gained over the past couple months will definitely help me when arm knitting. One thing I’m sure about is that I won’t be getting any sore fingers or any blisters from arm knitting!

I wasn’t feeling motivated to finish my toque, or start a new project, so I decided to search for some motivation. As I was cleaning my apartment over the weekend, I found a blanket that my grandma made for me for my birthday two years ago. I looked at it, admired it, snuggled with it, watched Grey’s in it, then I decided it was time to start a new project. Below is a photo of the blanket my grandma made for me. She crocheted it.


My grandma has 8 kids, 19 grand kids, and 6 great-grand kids. Each year our grandma crochets us something for our birthday. That is 33 birthdays in a year! Two years ago, each one of us got a hand made blanket for our birthday. I admire my grandma, and she motivates me to continue knitting.

P.S. I’ll eventually get back to knitting the toque!