This week I completed the Hour of Code! I have been sick all week and I haven’t been having any fun, but practicing coding – Frozen Edition – brought some joy to my week! Honestly, I thought the Hour of Code was going to be dreadful, but surprisingly, I loved it!

Back in high school, I remember using the tool Scratch in my Info Pro class, and I didn’t really enjoy it, which is why I was dreading having to code again. Back in my Computer Science class from 2014 Fall, I had to create an entire website using HTML. In high school, the coding I did was using the ‘move forward’, ‘turn left’ things where you didn’t actually see the final code until the end, but in CS, everything I did was using the actual codes (numbers, variables, symbols). I really enjoyed coding using HTML and even though my website doesn’t look professional, it was still a lot of fun making it!

Even though I already have experience with coding, I still enjoyed using it and practicing it this week. During my Frozen Edition of the Hour of Code, there were a couple ups and downs. On the second puzzle, I had to move forward and turn 90°, basically to make half a square, and I couldn’t get it to work. The first photo below is what I originally used, but it kept saying it was wrong. I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time, but then I realized that after you turned you had to move again. The second photo is the correct one.

The other thing I like about Hour of Code is that it showed you the code after you were done adding all the steps. Below you’ll see the steps and the code for puzzle 10.

Finally, after you practiced and mastered all the steps, you are able to create whatever you want! This is the part I enjoyed the most about Hour of Code because I was able to use all my knowledge of coding to create something fun and beautiful!

HourofCodePhoto3  Coding is important because without coding, there wouldn’t be technology. Without coding, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post write now. And without coding, the movie Frozen wouldn’t have never been created. Coding is fun, and I believe everyone should take the time to try it out.