Some of you may have heard of the quote “Pearls are always appropriate” by Jackie Kennedy, well I decided to change it up a bit (see title)! As you know from my previous post, I decided to knit a toque for my second knitting project. To be honest, I think this is going to look horrible. There are so many flaws in it so far, and I have only done FOUR rows! The thing that confuses me the post is that you have to ‘Purl Two’, ‘Knit Two’, ‘Purl Two’, ‘Knit Two’, … then for the next row you have to ‘Knit Two’, ‘Purl Two’, ‘Knit Two’, ‘Purl Two’, … and so on. I remember one day over February break, I was knitting on the couch with my dad sitting beside me and he asked me what kind of stitch I was doing. I was confused why he asked that because I was just knitting. I was doing the exact same ‘knit’ over and over again, and I didn’t know there were other kinds of stitches. I simply told him that I’m knitting and he said, “I remember when I used to knit and we had to ‘purl two’ then ‘knit two’, and so on”. Even though I had only been knitting for about a month at the time, I thought I knew everything there was to know about knitting so I basically told him he was wrong and that there was only one kind of stitch. Sure enough, I decide to knit a toque and there it is, a purl stitch. When I saw that, I immediately called my dad and apologized, but he just laughed at me.

Anyways, as you would have seen in my last post about knitting, I shared with you guys that there was a video I could watch on how to knit this toque. When I started to begin knitting this toque, I didn’t even think to watch a video on how to do a purl stitch, I just jumped right in and watched this video. I thought the video would tell me how to do a purl stitch, but sadly it didn’t. I decided to do some of my own searching to find a video on how to do a purl stitch, and I found a great one! I remembered this time to include ‘left handed’ in my search bar, and luckily I found this video. It was created by the same user, CyberSeams, as the other video I enjoyed in my first blog post about knitting. Again, there wasn’t anybody speaking, but this time I enjoyed that because I was able to concentrate on how to hold the needles, and how to make the stitch. This video definitely helped me understand what a ‘purl stitch’ is, so since I knew how to do that, I decided to return back to the first video (how to knit a toque).

The video on how to knit a toque was hard to follow, and the lady speaking in the video was changing things up and doing things in a different way than the original pattern says. Instead of starting with 70 cast-ons, she decided to do 72, and instead of doing a regular purl stitch, she decided to do the ‘continental purl stitch’. Another flaw I found with this video is that it was for right handed people, and of course, I have to be one of those odd left handed people. I decided to just ignore the video, and try and do it from the pattern. I did two purls, then two knits, and so on.

There are several times where I forgot which stitch I was on, so I most likely ended up doing 4 purls in a row or I only did 1 purl and 3 knits. I messed up quite a few times and for some reason my loops were overlapping each other and it just became a mess. This is what it looks like so far.


You can’t really see them in the picture, but there are a lot of flaws on these four rows. There are loops sticking out in random places, there are big holes, and so much more. In my video below you’ll be able to see those flaws more clearly.

Knitting this toque is very time consuming! It takes me an hour to knit ONE ROW! It looks like I haven’t done anything to this toque yet, but in reality I have spent over 4 hours working on it! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get this toque finished for the end of class, but I will definitely finish it eventually! Check out my video below that talks about my progress on knitting this toque!