Today, I was scrolling through all the tweets I’ve made since using Twitter. Whenever I find something on Twitter that catches my eye, I read it then I tweet it out, but when I don’t have time to read it, I try to remember the Twitter handle of the person who tweeted it so I can read it later. A lot of the time I never find that article again because I’ve either forgotten their Twitter handle, or it’s too far down on their Twitter feed for me to find.

Fortunately, I found an article on Twitter that had 8 free apps and tools to help you stay organized. I read the titles of each app/tool and quickly retweeted it. Today, I finally went through it and looked at some of those apps. I already had Google Docs and Dropbox, so I didn’t bother looking at those, but then one of them caught my eye. I remember Alec talking about the “Pocket” app in class one day, and surprisingly, it was on that list! I downloaded it on my laptop and on my phone to see how it is, and I love it already.

You can save webpages, articles, photos, etc right to the Pocket app! I love this, because now when I’m going through Twitter and find something I want to read, but don’t have the time to read it, I’ll save it to my Pocket app so I can read it later! The best thing about this app is that I can share it to Twitter once I’ve finished reading it! There’s the option to share it via, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, and many other social media sites!


Pocket App

I am very happy that I found this app, and actually took the time to download it and use it, because I believe it is very useful! I’ve already saved a few things to the app in regards to my knitting project, math apps, and the article I found that showed me this app.


I would recommend this app to anyone who has trouble finding things that they saved in the past or are wanting to read an article they found at a later time. The Pocket app is very organized, and you’ll be able to find that article you were wanting to read at the click of a button!