Today is the day that I start knitting something that is more useful than a ‘Barbie Blanket’. I couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted to knit next so I decided to ask my Twitter followers. I thought of three things that I would like to knit then I created a poll on Twitter and I let people choose between a toque, a coffee cozy, and mittens. After waiting patiently for 24 hours, the results came in! The next thing I will be knitting is… Drum roll please, a toque!

I am so excited to actually knit something that I will be able to use, maybe not so much right now, but definitely when winter comes back around! I went and purchased some yarn and some new needles that are a bit bigger than my previous ones.

For some reason I have been in love with this colour for the past year! I bought a jacket this colour, a purse this colour, and now I am knitting a toque this colour!

There were so many different toque patterns on the internet, it was so difficult to choose just one. I decided to choose one that would be fairly simple, easy, and one that a beginner could do. Finally, I found one that I really like and I think I will be able to knit it without having a meltdown! Below is the pattern.


The best thing about this pattern is that it also has a YouTube video on how to knit it! How awesome is that! This pattern is one of the simplest ones I could find, so hopefully it all goes well.

Wish me luck on knitting this toque! If any of you have knitted a toque or have experience with knitting, feel free to leave a comment or give some advice!

Happy Knitting!