In class on Wednesday, we were to break off into groups and create a social activism project. We were working on the questions as a team and were trying to think of the best things to write, and before we knew it, time was up! I realized that it takes way more than just 20 minutes to create an effective social activism project. You need to figure out which age group you want to target, you need to come up with catchy material that people will understand, you need to find ways to promote it, based on your target are group, and so much more!

While online, social activism could also be SLACKTIVISM! It is so easy to just sign a petition or share a page without having to do much work. A lot of the social activist groups that take part online do get a lot of attention and bring people up to date on what it is, yet the viewers hardly have to do anything. There are tons of petitions I have signed where I just need to include my name and email, but then I don’t do anything else to promote it. Since I started this class, I have began to promote more online, even though if it’s only to my family and friends, and I have been sharing a lot more.

In this article I found out that slacktivism is actually having a “Powerful Real-World Impact”. I took a screenshot of a paragraph I really liked from this article.


Just simply sharing or re-tweeting a social activism campaign will help get the message across. I believe that being an activist for a social campaign is very important, but even just sharing it with the world to get the message across is also essential.

Slacktivism and activism go hand in hand.