Last Wednesday I got the opportunity to watch a live stream of Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair. He presented such a powerful message and I was engaged throughout the entire presentation. Sinclair raised awareness about the First Nations people, and how we need to change we the way we educate. As a future teacher, I plan to incorporate Treaty Education and First Nations Education in my classroom, and to not only cover the basics, but go into great detail about it. The First Nations people have such an inspirational view on their culture and beliefs, and I would like my students to appreciate that.

Growing up in a town where half the population was First Nation, it gave me a new insight on cultures and beliefs. In high school, I befriended many people of many different backgrounds, and it was as if there was no difference between us. Even though our school was half populated by First Nations people, we were hardly educated on Residential Schools, Treaty Rights, or anything related to the First Nations people. We had one class called “Native Studied”, but since I was in the French Immersion Program, I was unable to take that class. As a future educator, I believe expanding our view on First Nations people and changing the way we educate will help our students gain a deeper understanding of the history of First Nations people.

It’s great to see our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, take charge and create change towards the First Nations people of Canada as we move forward as a community. As Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair mentioned, we need to forgive but never forget, we need to respect each other, and we need to understand each other.

“If you plant a tree today, you’ll never see it in its full grown state, but the people behind you will.” -Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair