During the first few days of the February Break I worked on a couple reflections and a take home midterm that was due Tuesday of the break. As soon as I finished those assignments I decided it was time to unplug. For the rest of the break I rarely used technology. The occasional text to meet up with a friend or a phone call from my old fashioned dad were mostly my only encounters with technology for that period. I rarely get to see my family since they live four hours away, so whenever I get the chance to visit I hardly use technology. Over the break I babysat my 16 month old nephew for a few days, I took my dog for numerous walks, I baked with my mom, I went new vehicle shopping with my dad, and I went snowboarding.

During university, it seems like I am always connected to the Internet and I am always doing something online, so taking a break from technology was a relief! Doing stuff over this break that I thoroughly enjoyed was very well needed since I haven’t had ‘fun’ in a while! Visiting with family and friends without the use of technology is so much more exciting than Facetiming or texting. I loved every second of being UNPLUGGED.

On my drive home I asked myself, “Was it worth it to unplug?”. Since I unplugged, I wasn’t keeping up with blog posts, nor was I using Twitter. I was doing a lot more knitting than I usually do, but I didn’t blog about it, nor did I take pictures. I realized I was falling behind and I should have spent my break focusing on assignments and blog posts. I found an article that states that unplugging can reduce stress, which is very true! During the few days that I unplugged, I had less stress and I felt a lot happier. I live in a world where technology is everything so being unplugged was relaxing and stress free, but in the end I started to fall behind. Since most of my school work has to do with technology, I realized that staying connected might have been a better idea. So again, I asked myself, “Was it worth it to unplug?”.

I found an inspirational video that shows how unplugging can impact your life and that it is important to Look Up or else life will go by without you even noticing.