Digital identity is something that we have to take seriously. It is important to be present online, since that is where most of our lives take place, but what is more important is to be respectful and professional while online. I decided to search for some articles to get a better idea of what digital identity really was when it relates to education and the profession. After reading this article I realized that not everybody understands the impact of having a professional digital identity. I feel privileged to be in a course where I have to create a professional digital identity. Having a professional digital identity will help me in the future for when I apply for a job. A lot of employers look at your digital identity, and if it is messy and unprofessional, you might not get the job you wanted.

This next article I found is about how to clean up your digital identity and how to make it professional. After reading the article, I decided to Google myself and clean up my digital identity. I typed ‘Shantel Amson’ into google and the first thing to show up was my Facebook, and followed by that was an old YouTube account. I decided to delete that account since I have a new one, but for some reason it still shows up when you search my name. The next things to show up were my Twitter, my Blog, and my Pinterest, along with some old newspaper articles of past achievements and awards. There was nothing out of the ordinary when I googled myself, which was great!

I have always been one to think twice before I post something online because I know once I post it, it will be online forever. I believe that having a professional digital identity and posting things that represent who you are in a professional manner will help you in the future. We need to demonstrate to our students what a professional digital identity is, and the only way to do that is to have your own professional digital identity.

Having a professional digital identity and being present online will lead you to success.