A lot of people say that if you are bilingual or speak multiple languages, you can be more successful than those who only speak one language. Well here is your chance to learn a new language! Duolingo is an application that helps you learn a new language, or perfect a language you already know. It is a FREE app and can be used on a computer, an iPhone, and iPad, an Android, and I’m sure many other devices. Below is what the app looks like in the App Store on an iPhone.


The blog, TeachThought created a post on the best teaching and learning apps of 2016 and that is where I found Duolingo. While going through the list, Duolingo caught my eye because not only was it a learning app, but it was a language learning app! My minor is French and this app will definitely help me while I am teaching French to my students. I started using this app to see how it worked and I became addicted. It is so much fun!

Once you open the app you can sign in, create a profile, or just continue without creating a profile. Once you are in, you get to choose the language you would like to learn, I chose French, and then you can pick a goal of how many minutes a day you want to practice. Following that, you can choose if you are a beginner or if you are advanced.

I chose Advanced since I am fluent in French and some of the questions really made me think! There are questions where you have to translate from French to English (and vice versa), where you are given an English sentence and you have to type it in French (and vice versa), and there are questions where French is spoken to you and you have to type what was said. You can repeat what was said in the original speed or you can slow down the speed. Below are two examples of the questions from the Advanced section.

I also tried out the Beginner section to see how easy it was and to see if you needed any knowledge of French prior to starting. The questions started off simple where they asked a word in English and you had to choose which picture related to the given word, the French word was also written under the picture. Since there were pictures, you really did not need any prior knowledge of French to start this. Other questions included translating from French to English (vice versa), matching French and English words, and choosing if the word is masculine or feminine (so basically choosing le or la). Below are two examples of the questions from the Beginner section.

I really enjoy Duolingo because it says everything back to you in the language you chose so you’re not only reading it, but you’re hearing it as well. It also tells you how fluent you are in that language, and it gives you the option to read and translate real articles from the internet. The one thing I personally enjoy about Duolingo is that after so many lessons you can test yourself and see how much progress you made.

I would recommend Duolingo to anybody who wants to or is trying to learn a new language.