This past weekend, I decided to drive home to visit my family and celebrate a birthday. I’m the one who usually drives these long trips, but I made my boyfriend drive so I could spend the four hours knitting. The first hour I decided to sleep since I hardly slept the night before, and once we reached Davidson, I started to knit. Knitting takes so much time and knitting for 2 and a half hours hardly makes a difference. Once we reached the town of Maymont, it was too dark to knit anymore so I put my knitting supplies away. We were only half an hour away from North Battleford and I was so excited to almost be home. I didn’t do any knitting over the weekend and I didn’t do any on the drive back to Regina since I was the one driving.

Saturday afternoon, I went to visit my grandma and I showed her my knitting so far and she was so proud of me. She said it is a good thing to learn and it is a great past-time. She told me that when I was a baby, she knitted a dress for me. Hearing that made me want to be able to knit a dress as well. There are so many new babies in my family so maybe I’ll be able to make them some clothing or little booties once I perfect my knitting skills.

A lot of people in my family know how to knit, and I feel proud being a part of the group of family members who can knit.

These are two pictures I took during my knitting road trip.