Feedly is an application that helps you find blogs that you would be interested in. All you have to do is type what kind of blogs you are looking for in the Search bar and then a bunch of blogs will show up! I found Feedly being very easy to use, and very straight forward. It showed me a lot of great blogs and I ended up following a few! This is what my Feedly account looks like.


Since I am focused on education and taking a course on technology, I thought I should follow some blogs that post about that kind of stuff. One of the things that I looked for while searching for blogs, was for them to be organized and clear, and for them to pertain to what I was searching for.

Feedly helped me find a blog that has already helped me in so many ways.  TeachThought is a blog that is well-organized and very clear. A few things that I love about this blog is that it has four main categories; critical thinking, learning, teaching, and the future of learning. I like this because it makes finding what you need so much easier! The other thing I really like is that it puts everything into grade level (elementary, middle & high, K-12+, higher-ed) and you can search as if you were a new teacher, an experienced teacher, or a veteran! I really like that, because once I become a teacher, I can look through the new teacher section, and hopefully find things that would help in my classroom!

I have a research paper to do in one of my classes on group work in the classroom, and I have already found so much information using TeachThought. One of the posts is about creating effective student groups! This post helped me find my starting point for my research paper, and it gave me more insight on group work!


I would recommend this blog to all teachers and future educators, and I am so happy that I found it! I give this blog 5 stars! ★★★★★