For my learning project, I chose to knit because it makes me feel closer with my great grandmother who passed away almost five years ago. I started to knit when I was in grade 5 through a knitting club at my school, but sadly that only lasted for a month. Before my great grandmother passed, she gave me a gift which had all of her past knitting needles in it. I am so excited to learn how to knit and I hope to make tea towels or mini blankets that I could give to my family.

I have been trying to knit for the past week and a half and there are many ups and downs to it. I realized that it really hurts your fingers, and that it takes SO MUCH TIME! I believe I have put in close to six hours of knitting, and I feel like I haven’t done anything. Every once in a while I think I am doing so great so I speed up a bit, but then the loops on one of the needles fall off. Looking at what I have so far, I can see some flaws from where the loops fell off, or from where I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but for a “first timer” I believe it looks pretty good so far!


The video below shows my first attempts at doing the “cast-on” and working on my first row. It was very difficult at the beginning and I realized that if you make it too tight, then it is hard when you have to start the next row! It ended up looking a little small at one of the ends, but I believe once it is complete it will look pretty good!

I used a YouTube video (below) to teach me the basics of knitting. At first, all I would do is type in “how to knit” in the search bar and a bunch of videos would pop up, but when I would try to knit while watching those videos, it wouldn’t work. I finally figured out why! It’s because I am LEFT-HANDED! I then searched for “how to knit – left handed” and I found one of the best videos ever! Right from the start it tells you what you will need, and it also tells you other tools you could use if you don’t have needles or yarn. Even though there was nobody speaking in the video, it still helped a lot. It shows you exactly how to place your hand while holding the yarn and how to do the “cast-on” and first rows. I really liked this video because it would show you, slowly, how to do the step a few times and then it would speed up until you have to do the next step. Each time there was a new step, the person slowed down and repeated the step several times which really helped. This video was very helpful for learning the basics of knitting!

I realized that when you do searches, you need to be more specific because you might think you found what you were looking for, but you actually did not.