This is my first blog so I guess I should introduce myself and let you know about who I am. I’m Shantel and I’m a second year Education student at the University of Regina. I have a major in Mathematics and a minor in French. I went to a French Immersion school in North Battleford, Sk, and I have been speaking French ever since. I was always good at Math, but I never really wanted to do anything with it until one of my Math teachers in high school told me I would be a great Math teacher. He is the reason I chose Math as my major and why I am in the Education Program. During the summers I am a lifeguard at an outdoor swimming pool in the small town of Radisson. I have been life guarding and teaching lessons there for the past 4 years and I plan to continue working there for at least a few more years. I enjoy swimming and playing soccer, but most of all, I enjoy visiting my family. Ever since I’ve been in University, I have seen them less and less, so when I get to see them it is such a wonderful time.

Technology in the classroom is something I never really had when I was in school. Once a week in elementary school we had our computer class so we went into the basement of the school and went into the computer lab. There was around 30 computers and that is the only technology we ever used. In high school, technology was around a bit more. There were 2 computers in every classroom and there were three computer labs, each containing about 30 computers. We mostly used the computers for research or the occasional assignment that was online. There were also some computer classes where your entire class was online.

Today, I think technology in the classroom is great thing, but only if it is used correctly. We need to demonstrate the proper use of technology so that our students don’t abuse it. There are so many interesting programs and apps that can definitely help in the classroom, not only to teach, but to engage the students. Personally, I don’t know much about incorporating technology in the classroom, and I feel like it would be hard, but I am definitely excited to learn how to incorporate it throughout my Ecmp 355 course.